About us

It’s simple really, we started this website to help ourselves and others settle arguments about the prices of cryptocurrency with our friends & foes. Easily set up a unique sidebet.me link others can challenge or join, winner takes the pot.

Sidebet.me was created by two friends, who have been into cryptocurrency since 2013. We see the beef on Twitter, Telegram and Reddit and thought this would be a cool way to settle those price prediction arguments. It’s all settled automatically in cryptocurrency to the address you fill out placing or taking a bet. We take a 5% haircut. If your bet is unchallenged, we refund your deposit minus a 0.5% haircut. That’s it.

Challengers have to match the amount of a bet
Winner takes home the pot minus 5% fee
Unchallenged bets are refunded minus a 0.5% fee